Alumni Panel Offers College Advice to High School Seniors

Concept Schools Postsecondary Student Success Program hosted the second Alumni and Senior First-Year College Experience-Sharing Panel on Mar. 14 at Ohio State University. Forty high school seniors were given a tour by alumni committee member and class of 2022 representative Fatima Shauri. 

A total of 12 alumni participants joined the panel to give back to Horizon School Academy’s senior class of 2024. The event was opened by Rumeysa Sarikamis, the regional coordinator at both Columbus and Dayton HSA high schools. Sarikamis introduced the panelists and committee members before initiating the Q&A session. The guest speaker, Emmanual Agyeman, who currently serves as the head soccer coach and a substitute teacher at HSA Columbus High School, holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Wellness with a concentration in Sports Management, along with a minor in Business Administration. Emmanual shared his personal journey and transition from high school to college, conveying valuable insights to assist seniors in navigating their academic and professional paths successfully. 

The Q&A session was enriched with diverse experiences, challenges, reflections on changing majors and lessons learned along the way. The alumni in attendance emphasized the significance of resilience and perseverance in overcoming setbacks and obstacles encountered in their career paths. It was inspiring to see the engagements and enthusiasm of the seniors who were eager to learn and absorb from Concept’s distinguished alumni.  

Concept Schools expresses its sincere gratitude to HSA Columbus High School’s principal, Ugur Zen, and the school’s Career and College Counselor of 11th and 12th grades, Elif Karabacak, for their presence and support at the panel. Additionally, Concept extends its appreciation to  the panelists, who generously dedicated their time and expertise to enlighten and inspire  graduating seniors.