VEXIQ robotics team qualified to the world tournament

Hi dear folks,
On 03/11/2023, our three teams Nebula (Hassan Ali and David Oloso), Orangutan (Joseph Asare, Salman Ali and Daniel Baidoo) and TJS Supernova (Tobi, James, Sharmake) with Mr Brown's chaerephon participated in the state VEX IQ tournament at Marion, OH and all the three teams played and represented our school very well and let us appreciate them on Monday. Mr Brown thank you very much for your support. 
Our best Robotic Team TJS Supernova had emerged as the second best team in the first two tournaments and the best team in the next three tournaments they had participated in the state qualification tournaments. Tobi, James and Sharmake practiced before and performed very well during all tournaments including the state tournament which was held on 03/11/2023. 
At the first two games, the partner teams blocked their way with their robots and this led the TJS team to emerge as the 6th best team among the 50 teams participating. That had motivated them and naturally they emerged as the best team after the third game and till end of the 6th game they maintained their first position. The TJS team was paired with the second best team for the final game, however, the partner team's robot got stuck and that unfortunately led them to emerge as the fourth best team. Anyhow, they qualified for the world championship tournament in Dallas, Texas. Dear colleagues, let us applaud and wish them luck in the world championship.