Robotics team got 1st place!

Super TSJ
Yesterday three Robotics teams contested for our school at Woodward Park Middle School, Columbus. All three teams performed and behaved excellently and as a result, TSJ (Tobi, Sharmake, James) emerged as the first team and also the most scorer among all the 39 teams.From the beginning to the end of the contest, our three boys showed outstanding performance as they scored more than 80 points in each seven games they played. All the audience applauded them, in fact, almost all the participants came and congratulated them and as the coaches we were very proud of them on the entire day. 
Great Orangutan
Our grade six students named Daniel Baidoo and Joseph Asare who had just joined the Robotics club showed a remarkable performance yesday. At the beginning of the year, they were not familiar with any Robotics equipment and game elements, however, through hard work without any assistance, just by observation, they formed their little robot and contested very well and as a result they emerged as one of the top ten teams among 39 teams. As the coaches we are very proud of them as they are ensuring us that they will qualify for the state championship in the upcoming contests. 
My colleagues please let us congratulate and appreciate them on Monday. Go Hawks!!!