VexIQ Robotics World Championship Success!!!

Our 4 Robotics teams participated in the Ohio State Vex IQ Robotics Championship last Saturday. 
The students did a great job. 2 of our 4 teams among 37 teams were qualified to compete in the finals of the event. 
At the end of the tournament, SWIFT2SLOW team ( James Lazcano – Naranjo and Tobi Ajayi ) got the second highest score and obtained the 2nd place in all Ohio. They got the ticket of the World Championship which will be held in Texas in May. 
ROBOHAWKS team ( Tristan Cano Salgado  and Mohamed Mohamoud)  obtained the 5th place and are on the waiting list of the World Championship tournament. They are not yet confirmed . 
The World Robotics  Championship will be held on May 8 and there will be about 800 teams from all over the United States of America and other countries. 
Honestly, I had hope, but I wasn’t expecting to go so far when we started but the students did it. The other teams ( Amanda Martinez, Alison Cano Salgado, David Oloso, Luis Hernandez Cano, Edward Candelario ) that couldn’t compete in the finals also did a great job competing in the State Championship. 
Mr. Burak and Mr. Fatih